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Based in High Wycombe, Centra Pharmacy are proud to provide a wide range of products and medical services for all of our customers. 

About us

At Centra Pharmacy, our team of fully qualified pharmacists are more than happy to answer any queries regarding health and medicines. In addition to dispensing medicines, we’re always incredibly proud to offer a wide range of NHS-funded services, such as flu-vaccinations Alternatively, we also offer private services that include travel vaccinations. We also provide passport photos, ear piercing and much more. At Centra Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive service, where customers can come in-store today to purchase a variety items, ranging from skin care products to vitamin supplements. One of the most popular items that we sell are branded, hair-care products, where customers can purchase hair extensions, synthetic hair wigs and much more, straight from our pharmacy. We’re always updating our product ranges, so make sure to visit our pharmacy often to discover our latest arrivals.

Assisting a Customer
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