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Sensationnel’s Premium Too 100% Human Hair range is a firm favourite amongst weave-wearers for its versatility, massive style selection and inexpensive prices. This cult classic collection features everything from silky straight strands to edgy curved looks and alternative styles to create chic looks.

Quick Facts

  • Type of hair: 100% Human Hair
  • Heat resistant: Yes
  • Type of product: Weave/bulk
  • Weight of packet: (aprox.) 135g
  • Application/installation method: weave it, bond it, or wear on attach-and-go clips
  • Packs per full head: 3-4 (*)
  • Recommendations: To retain hair quality avoid overexposure to sunlight, harsh wind, chlorine and salt waters
  • Type: Bulk WVG
  • Length: 16, 18, 10M, 10Z, 12M
  • Cols: 1,1B, 1B/350STK, 1B33T, 1B350T, 1BBGT, 2, 27, 2780T, 4, 33, 1B/27STK, 1B/30STK, 1B/33STK, 1B/99JSTK, 1B27T, 1B30T, 27/33STK, 30/33STK, 1B/130STK, 1B/613STK, 1B130T, 1B530T, 1B99JT, 30, 30/144STK, 3033T, 3399JT, 4/27STK, 4/30STK, 4/33STK, 9550T, 99J, 99J700ST, TSS4930, 427T

Premium Too - Yaki Natural

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